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What we do:

SS ScientificSS Scientific Ltd is involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of precision components and instrumentation for the vacuum industry.

  • Precision Vacuum Components
  • Filaments
  • Custom Vacuum Parts / Fabrications
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Mass Spectrometer Supplies

SS Scientific Ltd is dedicated to all aspects of “vacuum science”.  Our focus is on scientific instruments incorporating precision mechanics, electronics and software, used within a vacuum environment from XHV to plasma processing pressures.

SS Scientific has a wide range of spare parts for all types of scientific vacuum and process instruments (e.g. Mass Spectrometers and Gauges), the range includes ion sources, electron multipliers, feedthroughs, vacuum valves, ceramic spacers, bellows etc.

SS Scientific Ltd is committed to supply a range of products which cannot be classified as catalogue items.  Strong application knowledge and technical support for the vacuum industry
is readily available to all our customers.

How we came about:

SS Scientific FactoryThe company was formed in 1996 after two long-serving VG employees found themselves redundant following the changes in company structure and location under Fisons and Thermo ownership.  With a new ‘home’ in the south of England we set about building a company to supply the needs of RGA manufacturers and allied vacuum / instrumentation businesses.  We started trading in July 1997 and our steady growth and expanding customer base is testament to our resolve and commitment to build a successful business.  In January 2012 we moved from rural premises shown above to a newly re-fitted industrial unit in Eastbourne (shown right).

  • Winner of 5 Smart Awards (including the grant’s successor now named R&D Grant Award).
  • Founder of the RGA User Group  –  now a successful forum / meeting for academics, industrialists and users.  See
  • Partnering with allied businesses in the UK & USA to provide complete solutions to a wide range of customers.
  • Specialist facilities for precision assembly and manufacturing / coating of filaments for scientific instruments.