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1kw Ceramic Bakeout Heater

The SS Scientific Bakeout Heater is designed to be mounted onto vacuum system top plates/panels, in either a vertical or horizontal position.

The Bakeout Heater Unit is supplied as a component for installation within our customers vacuum system/equipment. Our customers are responsible for ensuring that the final installation complies with current EMC and safety standards.

A temperature controller will be required to regulate and stabilise the power that is supplied to the heaters and manage the Bakeout process, preventing the heater from going over the set temperature.

Failure to use a temperature control protection could result in damage to equipment and property and injury to personnel.

To Protect against the failure of components in a temperature control loop going over temperature and causing damage to a product or process, a meltdown of a heater and/or a damaging fire, a separate thermal control/cut out switch can be used.


  • 1kw Heater
  • Vertical/Horizontal Mount
  • Ease of Fitting