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Clean Rooms


A Soft Wall Enclosure can provide a localised high cleanliness area. The flexibility of our portable design allows the ‘Clean Room’ to be moved and sited over critical test, process or production areas, without limiting access for adjustments and servicing. The soft wall enclosure can also be positioned within an existing clean area to enhance local cleanliness conditions.


Room air is taken in from the top of the Soft Clean Room through a disposable pre-filter that traps larger particles and increases the life of the main filter. Air is then forced evenly through the HEPA filter resulting in a stream of clean laminar air within the Soft Clean Room which dilutes and flushes all airborne contaminants from the interior.

The purified air travels downward within the interior and leaves the Soft Clean Room close to floor level at the perimeter as shown in the illustration. A positive air pressure within the Soft Clean Room prevents ingress of any external airborne contaminants.

Please consult the team at SS Scientific for a simple solution to establishing a clean working area where you want it, when you want it.


  • Powder coated steel canopy
  • Any dimensions
  • Mobile with lockable wheels
  • High quality PVC curtains on all sides
  • Easy change HEPA filter
  • Class 100 to 100,000 (to be specified)
  • Integral fluorescent lights
  • Integral fan with fascia mounted control
  • Supplied as a kit for customer assembly (optional)
  • Installed & commissioned by SS Scientific