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Custom Built Systems

At SS Scientific we are perfectly equipped to custom build an integrated system. We believe that instrument manufacturers do an excellent job in producing an ‘off the shelf’ box, but when it comes to integrating it into a system to fulfill a specific user requirement, then the end result is not always perfect! At SS Scientific you are in control, and can specify any standard RGA (or other instruments) for integration into a custom-built system to produce a bespoke, cost-effective solution. We offer a versatile range of Packaged Solutions with three variants based on the latest smart head quadrupole mass spectrometers, with miniature dry pumping technology, that fulfill most applications. For more specialised requirements we can build a customised system for the price you would normally expect to pay for a standard system.

A fully integrated Packaged Solution.  Connects directly to your vacuum system and is offered with the option of manual or electro-pneumatic valve kits for sampling.

A self-contained, portable Solution.  The small suitcase sized instrument contains everything for instant  results displayed on an LCD monitor built into case lid.

A self-contained, bench top Solution.  Choice of inlet systems to suit your application.

Anything you specify.  For example, Light bulb manufacturer supplied with system to perform quality assurance tests on bulb gas filling; Brewer supplied with automatic multi-point sampling to monitor gas impurities in process gas during delivery and processing.


Custom Integration