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The Equipment

SS Scientific is proud to supply some of the first essential pieces of equipment to the ITER Vacuum Group.  Pictured below is SS Scientific MD, Robin Hathaway, handing over an Outgassing Rig and Soft Clean Room (in background) to Robert Pearce, leader of the ITER Vacuum Group, watched by the rest of the team.
Assuring vacuum quality is a key responsibility for the ITER Vacuum Group.  “This means scrupulous testing during assembly and careful qualification of the materials that go into the vacuum vessel.”

Currently based in a Temporary Vacuum Laboratory the Outgassing Rig and Laminar Flow Bench will meet the immediate needs of ITER.

For more news on ITER Vacuum Group see the article ‘Keeping ITER’s microscopic enemies at bay’.


The Project

The science going on at ITER—and all around the world in support of ITER—will benefit all of mankind.

We firmly believe that to harness fusion energy is the only way to reconcile huge conflicting demands which will confront humanity sooner or later.

The issue at stake is how to reconcile the imperative, constantly growing demand of the majority of the world’s population to raise their standard of living …with the enormous environmental hazards resulting from the present energy supply …

…In our opinion, the use of fusion energy is a “must” if we want to be serious about embarking on sustainable development for future generations.

-Director-General Osamu Motojima, Opening address, Monaco International ITER Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED), 23 November 2010