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Port Aligner

port aligner 3port aligner 2

The SS Scientific Port Aligner range allows the distance and angular dimensions between the two flanges to be adjusted.

Our Port Aligners can be supplied with either tapped or clear bolt holes on the flanges and can provide +/-30mm axial length adjustment from the midpoint along with +/-5oc angular tilt.

This simple device is designed for ease of use and consists of two parallel flanges, where one flange is fixed in position, allowing the second flange to be adjusted in respect to the first (fixed flange).

We support the three equi-spaced threaded shafts on the fixed flange, allowing the travelling flange to be aligned by adjusting the isolated mounts attached to the three threaded shafts on the fixed flange.

Our Port Aligners can be mounted in any orientation and are bakeable to 250oc, with a high quality, flexible bellows that spans the flanges to accommodate the required motion while ensuring an all metal vacuum enclosure.


  • Mount in any orientation
  • +/-30mm Adjustment from mid-point
  • +/-5oc angular tilt
  • High quality 304-316 bellows motion, whilst maintaining vacuum.
  • Bakeable to 250oc