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Portable Leak Detector – A vacuum diagnostic tool in a suitcase

● Portable Leak Detector  – < 15kg
● Troubleshoot vacuum systems
● Sniffer probe option for pressurised systems
● Customised for a variety of applications
● The power of mass spectrometry in a small case

Leak Chase Brochure (PDF)

Leak Chase 1

The Leak Chase is a self-contained, very portable leak detector offering the latest in Smart Head and miniature dry pumping technology.

This small suitcase sized portable leak detector contains a quadrupole RGA mass spectrometer with all its associated electronics and dry pumping systems. We can offer an integrated PC based data acquisition system which allows real time collection and display of data.

The Leak Chase is available with inlet options including Sniffer Probes and capillary systems. We can customise the inlet configuration to suit your application.

This portable leak detector is available with 100, 200 or 300 amu ranges and many connection options making it an ideal tool for Residual Gas Analysis, Identification of Contamination, Background Measurements and Leak Detecting using Helium or other gases of your choice.


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