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Thermal Cutout Bakeout System


• Bake overnight in complete safety
• Adjustable  trip temperature
• Connect to K Type Thermocouple
• Isolates heater power completely 

Vacuum bakeouts often last many hours, even days!  Now you can leave the vacuum system unattended with complete peace of mind that the system is safe.

The Thermal Cutout for Bakeout Systems is a safety device that isolates the power input to a Bakeout Oven Controller if the pre-set maximum temperature is exceeded.

The unit plugs into a standard 13A mains wall socket, and on the front of the device there is a 13A socket into which the Bakeout Oven Controller is plugged.

A customised length of compensated cable from the Thermal Cutout connects to a K Type Thermocouple (optionally supplied).  A recessed potentiometer, to avoid accidental adjustment, allows the trip temperature to be set anywhere in the range 100ºC to 500ºC.

A small price to pay for safe baking!