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Vacuum Safety Switch - SS Scientific


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Max bake temp 350°c
  • 2 sets of contacts rated at 24V 1A
  • Contacts user adjustable
  • Flange: 70mm CF or KF40
  • Installed at Diamond Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory & Australian Synchrotron
  • Certified and Rated to SIL3 (IEC615081@2010)


SS Scientific have worked with some of the largest Synchrotron rings worldwide to design and develop a Vacuum Safety Switch.

This type of switch reacts much faster than pressure gauge interlocks.

The switch can be configured to shut down equipment or alert personnel of catastrophic loss of vacuum. It is widely used in synchrotron rings when personnel are at risk from radiation scatter in the event of vacuum failure. Its uses also include ‘go / no-go’ indicators for vacuum process.

SS Scientific’s Vacuum Safety Switches are all Certified and Rated SIL3 (IEC615081:2010). For more information on how we achieved this click here.