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SS Scientific Awarded a ‘Technology Inspired Innovation’ Grant

In collaboration with Aurora Technology Consultants, SS Scientific has been awarded a ‘Technology Inspired Innovation’ grant to develop a new approach to permeation measurement that will lead to unrivalled detection limits.

The grant with enable us to test the feasibility of a new ionisation source (patent pending) that will enhance the suitability of a small quadrupole mass spectrometer to permeability measurements.

Very low permeability barrier films are a key requirement for the future of plastic electronics. Presently there are no instruments capable of routinely measuring down to 10-6 g/m2/day H2O, which is benchmark level required by the plastic electronics industry to deliver devise lifetimes ≥ 10 years.

Our development will lead to an instrument capable of market leading WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) measurement, as well as other permeating gases. with rapid turnaround between different barrier membranes.

The development will also provide a single instrument for use in the packaging industry replacing multiple single species specific laboratory instruments that are common today.


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